" Blessed to be the Mom of a Yorkie!"


~Bailey of Mystic Dream Yorkies~

Bailey is bred by Mystic Dream Yorkies.

"Mystic Dream Sammie" &

"Miss Misia of Mystic Dream Yorkies"

Weight 5 lb.


~My Heart Belongs to Valentina of Mystic Dream~


Valentina has a beautiful silk coat and very calm personality.

She was bred out of "Lake of Impressive Buena Vista" &

"Melania Midnight Dreamer"

Weight 6.5 lb.

~Mikalina God's Gift of Mystic Dream~

Mika was bred by Mystic Dream Yorkies out of 

"Mystic Dream Chance & 

"My Heart Belongs to  Valentina"

Weight 7.0 lb.


~Izabella My Twilight of Mystic Dream~

Izzy has a beautiful silk coat.

Izzy was bred out of "Natalie's Little Conar" &

"Duchess Delaney" 

Weight 7.5 lb.